What To Do When Your Dinner Party Gets Rained Out......

What to do when your dinner party gets rained out?  You simply bring it indoors of course. With sun and heat here in Chico, for months on end, we felt safe in planning a dinner party poolside for some of our favorite friends. We planned it six weeks ago but on Saturday the skies opened up and it poured all day long.

Plan B-entertain indoors.

Dust off the dining room for the first time in months and.....


........float that sunset you expected outdoors as a centerpiece on the table.

I always like to set up my dining table,  hors d'oeuvre and bar area well before guests arrive.

Grill master Scott prepping his veggies.

Lily, Mel and Mike

Friends gather with cheese platter and tapas. A sip of sparkling prosecco to start and some fine wines are ready for tasting.

'Chef' Mike brought along a complex 10 step tapas platter'deconstructed BLTs'. Gourmet cooking is really his hobby and passion, lucky us, we reap the benefits.

Candle light is always a must at my table and I keep them unscented so they don't interfere with the flavors of the food.


Joe + Lily

On this evening we were celebrating a new love and new addition to our table. What a treat to see these two, friends for years, become a couple.

With cool temps and grilled tri-tip on the menu I wanted a warm side dish to accompany the balsamic roasted grilled veggies. I made Ina Garten's Mustard Roasted potatoes. I  used baby yukon golds and added caramelized onions.  Simple, delicious and the perfect comfort food.

Cheers to friends, food, fine wine and the unexpected down pour.

Our evening ended up being very cozy after all.

A girlfriends summer-time get together at Wine Time in Chico.

Mel and Lily are two of my nearest and dearest friends.

We met as school psychologists when I first moved to Chico.

Do you have any special plans for the weekend?

Hoping the weather cooperates. Here's to making it cozy either way.


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