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It's that time again, whether we're ready for it or not. Summer time...loads of sunshine, lazy dinners under the stars, sleeping in, the best tomatoes of the year, perhaps some travel adventures, floating in the pool or lake or beach or sea.....And yes, the arrival of swimming suit season.... ready or not.

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 Let's face it bikinis are fun and flirty. I remember the fun, so carefree and narry a jiggle. Now that I've crossed into the world of the big 50 I'm thinking a little less is more. More bathing suit, a touch less skin.


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White suits can be challenging to keep clean so I also love an easier version of a bronze or nude color suit. They feel sophisticated and look fantastic with a summer glow. I even throw on a golden sandal from time to time. Pretty....

I remember being at a resort in Mexico, chatting with a couple in the pool. She mentioned something about "you know, the kind of women that wear gold sandals".  I didn't point it out, but I had a pair of golden sandals "glowing" under my lounger. I'm still not sure what she meant or what it says about me.....but I like a little shine.

This Carmen Marc Valvo is interesting.... it rather looks like it could lead to all kinds of wardrobe malfunctions so a little double stick tape could be in order.


My current favorite is a black halter one piece. It's sophisticated, classic and super easy to wear. It can also take you from beach to dinner if you throw on a skirt or pareo, and maybe those gold sandals, if you dare.

My best tip for welcoming summer and all the fun in the sun......a pareo or a sarong (aka it'll help to right what is 'so wrong'). Brilliant!  I always choose a bright, colorful fabric that compliments my suit.  I've taken to collecting them on beach vacations. When I wear them poolside, even at home, they conjure up vacation memories from some beautiful beach spot.

One of my favorite sarongs is available at my Stylemindchic Boutique

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And now, off to that poolside teasing me from out my window.Hope your weekend is filled with sun and fun!