Without Our Dads Where Would We Be?

My Dad, James Curtis Orr


          I thought I would be fine..... 

            as I opened up the Father's Day post I wrote last year. 

I thought I would be fine......

but those salty tears ran down my face, as usual. 

I still miss my dad, each and every single day.


I thought I would be fine......

but it's never fine to lose someone you love.

Those tears may always come 

but the sparkling memories of our family life, and my dad, 

make me smile.


My post for my dad and the beauty of adoption  Here


Today, though I miss my dad as much as ever, 

I celebrate some other favorite dads in my life.

My Scott, proud dad, with the girls~Briana, Annika and Lauren  (my lovely step-daughters)

Cabo San Lucas 2007

Scott's dad, Dean Lindstrom, "Grandpa"

My wonderful brother, Rod Swanson,

and my mom's fiance', Hal,

 who has made my mom very happy

 and in that he has blessed our lives.

If you are missing your dad, as I am, I hope you find comfort 

in sweet memories this weekend.  


Happy Father's Day to all the dads out there!


You are more important than you may know.

Without you where would any of us be ;)?


Happy Weekend!



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