You Inspire...Margie

Venice, artist Margie Lindstrom

A year ago today, we lost Margie States Lindstrom, my gracious and spirited mother-in-law. To be sure, each one of her 6 men~husband, Dean, 5 sons, and their families, will be taking a moment to remember her, say a prayer, tip a glass, and/or wipe away a tear.

Margie was an inspiration.  You can't grow up in farm country Illinois, during the depression, send your fiancee' off to war, raise 5 sons and be married to the same man for 64 years without being a strong woman.  She cooked,  cleaned and cared for the brood, eventually settling in Los Angeles in 1957.  She was ingenious, and  instituted such things as pizza night Fridays (so she and her husband could sneak out and go dancing), popcorn night Sundays, and even made time to take painting classes and have her hair done weekly. She and Dean traveled the world together--50 states and 50 countries. They have always encouraged the rest of the family to travel. Many of us, including Scott and I, gladly carry on the tradition.

Margie raised her sons to be gentlemen.  A legendary family story is of her standing at the car door, refusing to get in, until one of her 6 men would be respectful enough to open the car door for her. (This only happened once.)  She led by example. She could be firm and yet kind, and had a wonderful sense of humor. She also enjoyed the occasional 'tini with her kids.  When I became a new wife, in a new town, with a new job and a new step-mother to three teen-age daughters, she was supportive and encouraging. I'll always be grateful for her care and humor.

Margie's adoring husband of 64 years, Dean, didn't think he could make it without her.  They used to argue about it. He would say, "I couldn't do it" and she would say, "You might just have to". It's been a year today and he is making it. As the family worked together this week to move Dean near family in  Northern California, I also tip my hat to him. He is stronger than he knows and is pretty amazing at 87.  I love to hear him laugh. It's a joy to have him so near us in a town called Paradise. Here's to you both, and the incredible life and family you two created together.

The 60th Wedding Anniversary Party

Dancing to "At Last" at our house

{This is the last photo I took of Dean and Margie during our final visit together, November 2010. I snapped this on the iPhone and it perfectly captures them both. The lighting, the angles, the shared smiles, the lovely nails, his adoring's a gift.}

Here's to capturing those moments, and remembering..... xx,