You inspire (part 1) Jeri

Mom with flowers 2013 I love a gorgeous color, design, photograph, musical riff, sunset or even a fabulous stiletto, but I am most inspired by the incredible women in my life.  There is something about a meeting of the minds, sharing a stream of ideas,  that ‘I get it’ or a ‘tell me more’ lightbulb moment. Wisdom is shared, support is given, perspectives are broadened, and in that, I find tremendous inspiration.  I am excited to announce that I am planning a regular series to  share the wisdom of these inspiring women. My first, and most inspiring woman is Jeri, my mom.  She hit a really, really big birthday recently but you’d never know it. She is beautiful, smart, stylish, energetic, with a great sense of humor.  What truly inspires me the most is her wisdom, courage and her faith.

(I took this shot on a recent trip to the Napa Valley. We were at Bistro Jeanty in Yountville~very French.  Oui oui, wear the beret!)


Jeri's thoughts on what inspires~

*What inspires you?   All things beautiful!!!  It’s up to me to find beauty in all things. To get there "I" try to be Inquisitive, Intuitive, Imaginative, Introspective, Inventive, Interpretive; then Intermingle and Interweave it all.  I add  a goodly amount of humor and I have found what inspires.

*When did you get your BIG idea?    When I realized I could take any idea(design, travel, garden, story etc.), take off with it and make it my own.

*How did it feel to take the plunge?   Great!  When you liberate yourself from what is the norm or what is expected your creative power is released.*How do you keep your inspiration going?  By being grateful.  Being open to the potential of the moment; be observant.

*Favorite tips (style or otherwise)  Keep it simple. Focus, determine priorities, busy girl, and go for it! (see why I love her?)

I googled my mom recently (looking for her zip code), and to my surprise I found her on you tube discussing her recent mission trip to Zambia! She traveled with my nephew, Jordan, to build schools and churches.

Jeri is philanthropic, service-minded and recently bought a pair of Manolo Blahniks just it to mix up.

She is most definitely a renaissance woman.

Thanks for sharing your words of wisdom, Mom!




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