You inspire {part 2} Elizabeth

My lovely friend from grade school, Elizabeth Russo-Ugarkovich, is an inspiration. We haven't seen each other in years, but I've always remembered her warmth, laughter and gorgeous smile. It's been fun to reconnect over Facebook and now Pinterest. We share some similar style inspirations, a love of all things beautiful and an infatuation with Paris. She owns a photography studio in Old Sacramento,, and she specializes in portrait photography.  Elizabeth's bio describes her, "...photographer mixes light, whimsy and a sprinkle of enchantment to capture the magic of your life~never be ordinary". This sentiment perfectly describes the beauty of her images. Elizabeth has been nominated for best portrait studio in Sacramento. Her website is a visual feast. Among many gorgeous images you may recognize a photo shoot she did for a model who appeared in America's Next Top Model. I appreciate Elizabeth for sharing her ideas and insights with stylemindchic today. Elizabeth is inspiring.


*What inspires you? I’m inspired by other women that have had the guts to go and make their dream happen.  I've learned that you can’t wait for that “big break” or to get discovered.  You have to work hard, stay motivated, and be persistent.  Learn your craft, and always be a student.  I attend workshops and classes all the time.  If there’s just one thing I learn and can apply, then it’s totally worth it.

*When did you get your BIG idea?

My parents started a photography business the year I was born.  I was determined that I was going to do something different with my life.  But there came a point when I realized that photography was the medium that I could best express my creative self--  I just needed to find my own style and follow my passion. 

 *How did it feel to take the plunge?

I actually didn’t take a plunge… more like dipped my feet in the water and then slowly waded in.  I really wanted to make sure I was making the right decision and that I was actually “good enough” to be a professional photographer.  I’ve spent years learning the basics of photography and that’s what I needed to have a strong foundation.  I still feel anxious at times, but I draw a lot of strength from my husband and daughter and they encourage me to just let go and follow my passion.

 *How do you keep your inspiration going?

I’m basically a magazine-aholic—and more recently, a Pinterest addict.  I love seeing how others are expressing themselves visually and then the ideas start popping.  My husband says I have “shiny object syndrome”—which basically means, I can go in a hundred different directions with one starting idea. 

When my well is really running dry, I love going to a good flea market and grabbing an assortment of objects that I’m drawn to—my absolute favorite is the Alameda Flea Market held the first Sunday of every month.  I can grab ideas there and then the creative process just starts to flow.

 *Favorite tips (style or otherwise)

God gives us all gifts—find your gift and pursue it with passion.    

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{Photo credits to Elizabeth Russo Photography}
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Thank you, Elizabeth, for sharing your inspirations today. 



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