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As I've already confessed, I enjoy design,style, travel, fashion and a well-designed stiletto from time to time.  I may find inspiration in a gorgeous fabric or flower arrangement, but I am deeply inspired by the women around me.  My friend and colleague, Nicole Eads, is a photographer, quilter, gardener, blogger, traveler, energetic Gramma and inspired Special Education teacher for children with Special Needs in Butte County. She is extremely generous of her time and many talents. Growing up with a hearing impairment, I feel, has given her a unique perspective.  I asked Nicole to share some of her insights and inspirations. She inspires me. 

Jan 19, 2012 027 What inspires you?  I'm inspired by my faith, my family and people that keep trying no matter what holds them back.  When did you get your big idea?   It's about a  little boy who created a pinch pot. It may have not been much, but in his eyes he had created a masterpiece.  When did you take the big plunge?  Rather than a big plunge, life was survival. As I have grown, it has become joyful.  How do you keep your inspiration going?  I keep my inspiration by spending time with children. They don't have the boundaries that we place on ourselves as we grow. Look for what is not there, you may surprise yourself. Listen and observe the world around you.  Simple...... I see life through pictures, which is why my blog is done in pictures. I take  I would say that not being able to hear has a huge influence on how I see the world around me. This reminds me of a comment that my neighbor is always saying about me, she says I "..don't miss a thing" . She says I like to buy unique pieces for my  home and not always tell my husband. He never notices, until I slip up and say something about 'something is different' and point out the new buy. DSCN06940120 Jan 16, 2012 057 One other thing about me is that I am very blunt.  I tell it like it is, but mean it all with best interest and kindness towards the other person. Recently I have been working with another person that has also has a cochlear implant and found that he does the same thing.  We had a discussion about this and he explained that the Deaf culture is very much like that, there is no guessing what someone means when they say something because they communicate clearly and somewhat bluntly what they want to say. So I guess you could say that I am still finding out why I am the way I am;) 
Me In a nutshell: 
Love gardening and watching things grow.
Love playing, teaching babies and young children. Relaxing for me: holding a baby or listening to older people 75+ while sitting in a rocking chair on a porch. Love challenges!  I am competitive, but don't care if I win or not. Hobbies: family, sewing, quilting, books, gardening, photography, hiking, traveling, ancestry history, theater, exploring the world around me, and my most favorite is people watching. Been married to my best friend, David, for 32 years. He is there supporting and encouraging everything I pursue. Favorite places to travel: places that encourage people watching, old history, nature and water whether it be in the mountains or sea.

My Inspiring Woman:  My 92 almost, 93 year old Gramma.  I was born on her birthday, right after she lost my grandpa (6 weeks before).  We have always had a specialness to our relationship. She is strong, a worldwide traveler, and has many talents. At the age of 40 she had nothing but her two children. She has made a fortune working in a man's world. She is elegant and classy, but real.   

Thank you for sharing your insights with Style Mind Chic, Nicole. You are inspiring.  Seems to me, you take after your inspiring Gramma.  All photos courtesy of Nicole's weblog.

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