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EMME Bag products and prep As I started packing for our recent trip to San Francisco, I looked forward to trying out the new 'must-have' item for travel.  I'm always searching for solutions to a problem, and I was hoping this would be the answer to my issue. I have a history of being a chronic over packer, especially for a road trip with no limits on baggage. Though I've worked to refine my packing style, and pare down, packing the 'lotions and potions' has become my biggest issue.  I rely on a few more favorites than in my younger days, when I had never heard of serums or skin oils, or high-tech hair products. I seem to end up with overflowing cosmetic bags without the proper organization.  I've been known to wait until I'm on the trip to reorganize, which is not my best use of time on a vacation.

Bathroom and cosmetic bags

Just a couple of my endless 'bags' on a trip #baglady

I recently won a giveaway of the Emme travel bag on Sandy's blog, You May Be Wandering. After reading the wonderful reviews, I just knew it could be the answer to some of my travel and packing dilemmas.  The EMME bag looks stylish, sleek and smart.

The EMME Bag on Stylemindchic Lifestyle

Entrepreneur Emily Constantini created EMME (pronounced EM-MEEEE), the 'Perfect Travel Bag', after her own frustrations about not having a bag that helped her stay organized during frequent travels. According to Emily, "EMME was created because there was/is a need for the perfect toiletry and cosmetic bag, designed for frequent travelers who want to stay organized with toiletries and cosmetics. Our bag is designed to maximize what you can take on a trip, store it in one bag, easily find everything you need and still save room in your suitcase. Created with premium quality materials, the EMME bag is designed to last you a very long time, and help you stay organized while traveling!".

EMME Bag Logo

When I received my sleek, stylish EMME bag, in the mail from Emily, it was beautifully wrapped with a personalized note. As I unfolded the bag I was happy to see the fold out compartments and the hook for hanging, all making for smart travel. The bag comes with 12 TSA approved bottles and jars for 'lotions and potions', all sized and ready to be labeled and placed in the removable, see-through compartment. The zip-out function of the clear bag makes it easy to breeze through security screening at the airport. Another important element is the nylon and non-toxic PEVA plastic material construction, so I feel good using this for my healthy lifestyle.

EMME Collage

The three-panel design allows you to clearly see where all your items reside, while at the same time keeping them fresh and clean - safe from exploded bottles. The zip-out design allows you to re-attach the liquids pouch at the hotel, leaving you extra room on the vanity and keeping all your toiletry items in one place. Hang it on the towel rack and everything is in sight.

Features premium quality expandable nylon bag; 7 interior pockets made of non-toxic PEVA plastic, 2 zip-out pouches for liquids and other items and 12 TSA approved bottles with labels.

Construction Material:  Nylon & Non Toxic PEVA plastic

External Dimensions (Fully Expanded) H x W x D:  8.0" x 12.5" x3.0:

External Dimensions (Collapsed) H x W x D:  8.0" 12.5" x 2.25"

EMME Travel on Stylemindchic

 The bottles and jars are sleek, and easy to label.

Emily has thought of every option needed for the most well-organized bag.

Organizing my EMME Bag

For me, the EMME bag has replaced the three smaller, less functional bags that I often use. It's wonderful to have a place for everything in such well-organized product. Another space-saving feature is that the bag can be laid out flat in your suitcase, eliminating that big, bulky item which is always hard to pack around. I always appreciate versatility in a product, and the versatility of the EMME bag allows for storing everything from tech items, men's travel items, and even items needed for parents with babies. The EMME bag also makes the perfect gift for someone you love (or even like;). Organizing and editing my necessities, before travel, feels good and reduces stress as I leave for a trip. That stress reduction is an important piece of self-care for me.

Not only am I excited about my new EMME bag, I'm thrilled to announce that I have partnered with EMME bags, and Emily Constantini, to offer this 'must-have' item for smart travel in my Stylemindchic Boutique. As an entrepreneur myself, I'm always impressed by other women who run start-ups and are successful in their own businesses. It's a wonderful partnership to support EMME bag, a product I believe in, and to offer a smart design to my customers at Stylemindchic Boutique. #win/win

The EMME Bag

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