A Walk Down Memory Lane in Barcelona at Azul-Tierra

A walk down memory Lane

It was one of those moments, and I can still see it in my mind's eye: moody lighting, rich, warm, worldly scents, flickering candles and eye-catching objects of desire.  I return to that moment often in my mind, it's the perfect escape. Have you ever visited a place that just sticks with you in a completely sensory way? If you close your eyes you can conjure up the fragrance, the quality of light, the sultry temperature, the whole mood of a place.

During our first trip to Barcelona in 2006, Scott and I were on one of our meandering city walks. We happened upon an open doorway where over-sized sculptural plants stood guard. A peek inside revealed moody lighting, burning candles, a woodsy-citrus fragrance and magnificent floral arrangements.  As we entered and our eyes adjusted to the dim light, we felt as though we were transported to another place in time. I remember feeling like it was a mood I wanted to bottle and take home with me. After absorbing the ambient beauty and pouring over the wares, we chose a silver salt-cellar to remember the moment.

 Our salt cellar...the perfect souvenir of our trip.

Years later, while rummaging through my stack of business cards, I was happy to find that I had picked up one that day. I hadn't been able to recall the name of the place and had exhausted my best guesses on Google. Finally, I was able to revisit my sensory experience in Barcelona, online, at Azul-Tierra.

Fast forward to last summer... Scott and I ended our trip to Portugal and Spain with a few days in Barcelona. We had hoped to revisit Azul-Tierra and bring home another memento. We set out in our rental car, loaded with GPS, but couldn't find it. Scott refused to give up, which surprised me, and eventually he found it on his mobile with a new address! We again arrived on foot, but at the new location. It was larger,with more of an interior design studio feel, still having the same global, ambient vibe and fragrance.

As we nosed around, I was again seeking a memento of our trip. I was browsing through the candle collection when a gentleman asked if I needed help. I turned and recognized him from the website as the owner and creator of Azul-Tierra, Tony Espuch.  How fun that upon my return, eight years later, I would meet the mastermind of Azul-Tierra as he was offering me a candle!

Heather Lindstrom of Stylemindchic Lifestyle at Tierra Azul and a walk down memory lane in Barcelona

Tony's lovely assistant, Maribel, showed me some of the recent projects completed by Tony and his team. They are captivating. He has designed hotels, restaurants, shops and private homes in Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, France and Tunisia. His motivation "...the challenge of creating other worlds." Tony, you had me at my first step through the doorway in 2006. I felt transported to another world and came back for more.



 "Hey there, gorgeous! Wanna hang-out?"

(at least I think that's what he's saying)

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 There is something satisfying about reliving a sensory memory.

When was the last time you retraced your steps with a walk down memory lane?