Beyond Thankful this Thanksgiving


Beyond Thankful this Thanksgiving

The birth of baby Charlie, on the first of November, has added an extra dash of thankfulness, joy, and gratitude to our family holidays this season. I simply can't get enough of this sweet, expressive little face. I think he is an old soul and he is only three weeks old!

I now fully understand what the look on my dad's face was all about as he gazed at me, his newly adopted firstborn, in this image circa 1961. He knew of my marriage, my becoming a step-mom, and my 2 miscarriages before he passed. I know he would be so very happy for our family with the newest little addition. Can hardly wait to introduce Charlie to his 'great-grandma' on my side and loads of aunties, uncles, and cousins during the holiday season. The miracle and the magic of babies is something to be so very grateful for this Thanksgiving.

For those of us missing family members around the table this year sending hopes for comfort and peace.

Wishing you and yours a beautiful and blessed holiday season.


Grandma Gigi ;)