Birthday in Paradise at Zoetry in Dominican Republic!

I've always been secretly happy that my birthday is on July 15th and smack dab in the middle of summer. It means I've never had to go to school and usually not to work on my birthday.

This year the timing was perfect for my birthday as we are enjoying our last couple of days in the tropical paradise of Dominican Republic.

My favorite birthday companion #spoiled me a bit

With a significant number of difficulties marking the beginning of our trip this phase at Zoetry Agua has been completely sublime.

This little guy has kept us company during breakfast on our terrace.

Some spa time made the birthday girl very happy.

I'm not politically minded and I thought it was fun to see that Jon Stewart had 'favorited' one of my tweets.

Our dinner with some of our new fabulous friends from the pool. We laughed and bombed out at a merengue dance lesson together later.

Thanks for making my birthday perfect and hopefully we will all end up at Zoetry again someday!

I just wanted to say a quick thank you for so many lovely birthday wishes on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and text.

I feel truly blessed this year that my world has expanded in so many

incredible ways. The connections I've made with Stylemindchic Life mean the world to me.

Happy Birthday to my lovely mom today! Though we are separated by distance our birthdays always

stand side by side (she always tells me I was an early birthday present).

Looking forward to celebrating together.

Thanks for stopping by Stylemindchic Life!

Can't wait to catch up with everyone on our return.


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