Camargue: Off the Beaten Path in Provence

The white Horses of Camargue

The white Horses of Camargue

There is a slice of Provence, off the beaten path, that offers a surprising twist from the classic lavender fields, towering cypress and medieval sand stone villages capping the mountaintops. Camargue is more about white horses, flamingos, marsh lands, salt beds, and relaxed resorts allowing for sunkissed lounging poolside. We met the white horses upon our arrival in the marshlands of Camargue and Mr. C.T and Sebastien made new friends immediately.


Following our friendly greeting from these stately creatures we headed to Le Mas de la Fougue for a relaxing stay. Our sunny suite had a private terrace that opened directly to the pool deck with lounge chairs perfect for a dip or sipping a citrus infused sangria. Sublime!

The pace of life in Camargue slowed us down almost instantly.

The sunsets are golden in this slice of Provence.

A tour of our ‘Patio Suite’

The fresh fare at La Table de Marius was beyond delicious. We enjoyed the local delicacies and creative infusions prepared by the inspiring chef, Denis Gamard. Service was friendly and impeccable. Each dish was a work of art!

Head to western Europe’s largest delta, where the Rhône River meets the Mediterranean Sea, and you’ll find a lesser known side of Provence. The Camargue spreads like a fan from the ancient Roman city of Arles, and in its folds lie green rice paddies, rose-colored salt flats, grass-filled marshes, and wide, windswept beaches. Nearly 400 species of birds call it home, as do prized black bulls and indigenous horses tended by gardians, the local cowboys who bolster the region’s wild-west reputation. “The Camargue is a mosaic of color, light, and mood,” says resident Frédéric Lamouroux, director of the Ornithological Park of Pont de Gau. “A tableau of land and water, wildlife and passionate people, it’s like nowhere else in France.”
— KIMBERLEY LOVATO for National Geographic

For more on the Camargue here. To book your next trip to France contact Curated Travel.

Thank you to Sebastien, Creative Destinations and Le Mas de la Fougue for the welcoming and relaxing stay.