COLOR STORY: Rainbows of Color

Perhaps it's because the pre-spring weather is vacillating between sunny with blue skies to waves of pelting rain, all within the samehour today, that has me dreaming of rainbows. Or perhaps it's because I have been housebound for....wait for it...8 days and counting, with a nasty respiratory flu that has me seeing a mirage of cold-medication induced rainbows today.

Either way, it just started to rain again and I'm needing some colorful inspiration.  This eye-catching window at the EQUIPMENT Boutique in NYC a few years back is one of my favorite rainbow themed street shots -- all in sassy silk blouses, no less...swoon!

I'll take one in every color!

Thank you!

Whether it's a colorful collection of vintage Hermes scarves, a rainbow of pastel plaster in the villas of Italy or a rainbow umbrella in a snowstorm, keep your eye out for the rainbow this week. There is gold at the end of that rainbow and spring is, no doubt, on the way!