Simple Tips for Creating a Cohesive Space

Simple Tips for Creating a Cohesive Space

Guest Blogger – Kacey Mya

You may have the picture-perfect vases and glassware that produce a glistening display in your cupboard. You might even own the most breath-taking Victorian era furniture in pristine condition. But even the most perfect of accessories can fall flat in a room lacking a cohesive space.Creating a sense of unity in your home is a top priority, especially when it comes to getting the most out of your preexisting style and decor. When it comes to designing your home, there is no right or wrong. It’s a matter of choosing what accessories, colors, and furnishings best suit you and making all of your preferences work flawlessly together.Every home is about as unique and varied as the individuals who live in it — so why not let it show? You don't have to settle for mundane color schemes or one specific style to create the ultimate look in your home.If your rooms seem to emit a sort of choppiness or you can’t quite get the looks of your room to flow, be sure to check out our simple tips for creating a cohesive look in your home below.

Choose Your Paint WiselyThe hue of paint you choose to color your walls in can make or break the style of your space. While extravagant wallpaper and various room colorings can offer a sense of style to any room, you may want to choose a neutral shade that will allow the furniture and accessories to be the focal point instead.Just because neon yellow is your favorite color doesn’t mean you should splatter it onto your walls. When you want to connect your room’s overall look, choose a wall color that doesn’t detract your eye from what truly matters. The color of each room should enhance your décor — not overshadow it.Keep Your Flooring Consistent While you don't want every room to look like a mirror image of the one before it, the material you choose for your flooring should remain the same. Keeping your flooring consistent is even more crucial in apartments and smaller homes because a variety of designs will impair your ability to achieve a connected look. If you want to create a cohesive look in your home, choosing the right flooring is vital. Consider the floor styles that compliment your aesthetic and compare color schemes of wood and tiles to your existing layout. Remember that you can mix up the tiles and patterns — just try to keep the appearance and style consistent. Mimic Styles Without Mirroring CompletelyYou can’t achieve cohesion in your home when your living room is shrouded in retro décor and your dining room is entirely vintage. Instead of choosing distinct looks for every room, make sure the theme and style are apparent throughout.If you’re going for a country style look, be sure to incorporate rustic accessories into every room. Be careful that you don’t replicate each room’s look entirely, however — too much similarity can cause a mundane and lackluster appearance. Realize That Less Truly is MoreWhile a quick trip to your local supercenter for a few necessities can quickly turn into a few hours spent perusing the decoration aisle, remember to put down unwanted accessories the next time you go shopping.When it comes to decorations, less really is more. A room cannot achieve a connected look when it has too many accessories preventing your overall style from coming together. Consider minimalist decorations that allow you to still add a touch of panache without going overboard in the process. Know Your Style and Stick to ItCohesion doesn't come in one size, shape, or color. If you believe a tied-together look is synonymous with basic décor and interior furnishings, think again. Research studies show that humans crave a touch of personalization in their daily life decisions — home décor included! How cozy can your home honestly be if you don't feel like you had any power over how it looks? You can decorate your home with your unique style — the key is to just stick with your favored look throughout the entire house. Intermingle the Old with the NewJust because you want a polished style doesn't mean your home has to include décor made entirely within the last year. The most beautiful homes combine a mixture of various elements that defined the different time periods. To create a cohesive look with an added interest, try pairing traditional pieces with timeless vintage accessories. When it comes to decorating your home to perfection, there is no "correct" blueprint for success. Just know your style beforehand and shape your interests into a connected look that emits the most breath-taking display.

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