The Life Changing Power of "I Do"...Happy 16th Anniversary, Baby!

On a warm and sultry California evening, in a lush garden, we each said two simple words, "I Do". That was sixteen years ago. Today, we look back and reflect on how much those two little words changed the course of our lives.

As we celebrate today, I feel like my sentiments in this post continue to express how I feel. Add to it an additional four years of life experiences, adventure, travel, nurturing and growth. Never more than today, I love you with all my heart, Scott Lindstrom. Happy Anniversary, baby!!

"I Do!" The two most life changing words I've ever uttered. I'm so glad you said them too.

PS - It doesn't hurt that you look like a movie star in a suit!

The sparkling surprise last year.

Cheers to the journey of love!