My Mother's Wedding Video (Happy First Anniversary Jeri & Hal!)

My radiant Mom, Jeri, on her wedding day, with my beautiful sister, Heidi, and me last September.

There is nothing that makes a daughter happier than knowing her mother is enjoying life and love to the fullest.  My mom, Jeri, and my new Step-father, Hal, have enjoyed an uncommonly rich romance, a heartfelt and memorable wedding celebration, and a European honeymoon in the last two years. It's safe to say, this daughter is extremely happy for these two, especially as they celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

This is the wedding will make you cry happy tears!

Video credit to Jensen Films

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Happy Anniversary Mom and Hal!

We are blessed by welcoming this warm, wise, loving man, Hal, and his family, into our family.

Your love story is truly an inspiration for ageless love.

Scott and I could not be happier for you both and we love you dearly.



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Rylee Wishmyer for Stylemindchic