Postcard from Paris!

Postcard from Paris

The early morning light of Paris is streaming in through the luxurious linen curtains, as I sit here at the marble-topped table with my laptop. The chandelier above me is sparkling.  My husband is still slumbering in the next room and I have Carli Bruni softly crooning in french on Spotify.

I want to remember moments like this forever.

Life in Paris is very sweet.

I just noticed the patisserie across the street is already open. :) We had steaming café crèmes with a pain au chocolat croissant yesterday that blew our minds. There are no croissants in the world like France.

Is it something in the water?

File Jul 16, 8 24 26 AM.jpeg

Yesterday I awoke to texts checking to see if we were okay after the horrific attack in Nice at the Bastille Day celebration. We were just fine, but I had felt nervous about Bastille Day celebrations since we booked this trip to Europe back in November after the terror attacks in Paris.

I shared my thoughts yesterday morning on Instagram:


Another beautiful day dawns in Paris...We are excited to be celebrating retirement and my birthday today in this magnificent city, yet we are deeply saddened over the news from Nice and the losses they have suffered. We are safe and sound in this charming apartment Thank you for the texts, emails and comments checking in on us. 💕Scott and I were in the final stages of booking this trip to Europe when the terror attacks happened in Paris. I'll admit it, I've been nervous about our return to Paris. The images of terror don't fade easily from mind. When people are gunned down while dining at a cafe, enjoying a concert or watching fireworks, there is no sense to it...I saw military weapons and heard sirens at the airport yesterday. I wanted to get out of the "soft target" zone asap. Scott went out in the crowds for fireworks for Bastille Day late last night, but I did not. We will be out enjoying this summer day in one of our favorite places. 💐☀️ Terror and tragedy can happen anywhere, anytime. We want to be cautious, be we cannot let fear dictate our lives. We will continue to enjoy the adventure of travel and not let the dark side steal our joy. 💖✈️🌎 #france#paris#travel#travelgram#instagram#nicefrance#traveltales#wanderlust#traveling

And with that, we continue to enjoy the adventure of travel, this lovely apartment, and our last few days in Paris. I'm overwhelmed by the kind birthday wishes I received yesterday. Merci!!  55 is off to a fabulous start!

Here's to embracing the joy of today!

Au Revoir