Signature Style: Sensational Sleeves


Signature Style: Sensational Sleeves

We are seeing them everywhere this season-- flared, gathered, tapered, capped, layered, slit, caped, draped -- those sensational sleeves. When I was in fifth grade I asked my mom to sew a dress for me with straight sleeves and 2 layers of fabric encircling the wrists. I was also very clear, I wanted it in daffodil yellow!!

Oh, how I felt I made a bold fashion statement in that yellow dress, circa early 70's, with those sensational sleeves. We can skip the references to my 'Big Bird' yellow taste, but I will confess I continue to have fashion affection for those sensational sleeves.



Style Tip: Wearing dresses or blouses with sleeves is also a good way to hide skin imperfections or skin that may not be as firm as we want it to be.  Hello aging beautifully!

Are you a fan of this trend or is it just too much?

Which look is your favorite?

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