A Stylish Wedding at Piazza del Campo in Siena, Italy


A Stylish Wedding in Siena, Italy

On the next leg of our summer in Italy, Scott and I found ourselves in Siena, the embodiment of a medieval city and jewel of Tuscany, on a lazy July afternoon.

This was another golden, cloudless day strolling the Piazza del Campo. Locals and visitors enjoyed the slow pace of a warm afternoon. Children frolicked with pigeons on the moss-covered pastel bricks.

Our mission was to select the daily dose of gelato: gianduia (chocolate/hazelnut) for me and a double scoop of limone and stracciatella for Scott.

We happened upon a stylish scene and enjoyed watching the wedding festivities unfold.

Bride and groom.jpg
Hugs at the wedding 1200.jpg

Undoubtedly, Italy boasts some of the most elegant, stylish people-watching in the world. There are times, while traveling, where a moment just captures our attention and the camera helps it come to life. This was one of those moments for us, in Tuscany, the jewel of Siena.

Now that's amore!


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