Al Fresco Life and Living Outside

Al Fresco Life

The al fresco lifestyle is all about taking life outside.  It's finally spring (joy!) and that means we are gearing up for the season of throwing open our windows, carrying our movable feasts to dine alfresco, the alluring possibility of lazy afternoon naps on the patio and warm evenings under the stars is on the horizon.

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In Italian alfresco means "in the cool". Love that!


 It may be a fresh, sleek space with natural elements

or a classic, luxurious elegance with warm wood tones and a roaring fire.

There are elements of each photo that appeal to me. I've done outdoor living spaces of different styles over the years~from South of France to Cottage Garden to a sleeker, more modern version in our current space. We are working on an update and I will share more on that soon (yep-a do it yourself project-more honestly a do it 'himself' project).

No matter what my style of outdoor living space becomes I do have some essentials:

*Candles are a must to create an ambiance in my outdoor spaces.

*The sound of water~ a water feature, water fall or even a tabletop fountain~ creates a relaxing mood

*Fragrant plants (citrus, night blooming jasmine, tuberoses are all lovely)

*A throw blanket to ward off an evening chill

*A pot of herbs to pick for grilling or adding to alfresco dishes

*I love to add a curtain to a deck or patio space to soften the look-even in sleeker styles

*A fire element. Yes, to candles and the next step would be a flickering fire bowl or fireplace to set the mood.




What is your favorite style of outdoor living? Do you spend time zhushing up your space to get it ready for the season? Any tips?

What are your must-haves?

Here's to our upcoming al fresco season~are you like me? Can hardly wait!