A Walk in Bidwell Park with Uno Alla Volta

It's always a treat to discover a surprise package on the front step. I opened a box the other day that contained this beautiful pastel scarf from Uno Alla Volta. The ethereal leaf patterned Devore silk scarf was handpainted by Joyita. I styled it with my dusty pink faux-leather waterfall front jacketSvelte leggings and Vince Camuto Booties.

Our walk in the park was a quick stop since we were on our way to an event in downtown Chico. The fall colors were irresistible and my scarf was perfectly in style at our favorite watering hole later that evening.

The watercolor silk scarf handpainted by Joyita.

"Joyita recalls the childhood joy of painting designs with rice flour and water on the floor of her home, guided by a grandmother who taught her to take notice of everything she saw. Today she takes additional inspiration from nature to create wearable works of art on 100 percent silk in her California studio. " Joyita

Uno Alla Volta from the hearts and hands of Artisans.


The silk scarf created by Joyita was a gift from Uno Alla Volta. All opinions expressed are my own.