An Afternoon in Picturesque Varenna on the Shores of Lake Como, Italy


 Varenna, on the shores of Lake Como, Italy

There are places you stumble upon while traveling that simply need no explanation. On a hazy summer afternoon, we arrived by boat, from Bellagio. Between flashes of sunlight, bursts of showers, and a moody mist that wound around our afternoon, we experienced Varenna, on the shores of Lake Como. These images speak for themselves. Click on the gallery to open a slide show of charming Varenna.


When the skies opens up and you find yourself drenched like we were, seek shelter under a covered patio.  Order up some yummy comfort food, like this Northern Italian style risotto, enjoy the decadence of the chocolate mousse and enjoy that chilled bottle of sauvignon blanc. We lingered at this lakeside restaurant, enjoying the view, our conversations and making some new friends on this cozy afternoon at Varenna.

Varenna was our last stop in Italy on our summer holiday.

Next stop-- PARIS!