A Parisian Apartment Style Brunch

Our Parisian Apartment style brunch in Paris

Brunch in the Parisian Apartment

One of the most alluring reasons to stay in a Parisian apartment while visiting Paris is savoring a taste of the French way of life. With a boulangerie, fruit market, grocery, patisserie, butcher and international market on nearly every block, it's easy to gather the freshest, tastiest ingredients each day to create memorable bites.

It doesn't have to be elaborate, though it can be, for us it was simple, fresh and flavorful. These are a few of the items we collected for brunch in the Parisian apartment in July. Pain au chocolate croissants,  café crèmes, asparagus quiche, juicy peaches, and fresh scrambled eggs for one morning. This was our simple, fresh, tasty le petit déjeuner in the Parisian apartment.

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