Launching My CURATED TRAVEL Website

Launching the CURATED TRAVEL Website

There have been some exciting developments behind the scenes lately and I'm happy to announce that I have just launched my new CURATED TRAVEL website.  If you have followed Style*Mind*Chic Life blog you know that my Curated Travel/Travel Designer business has been based on the same website. I've had the blog for 6 years and added my Curated Travel business 1 1/2 years ago.  I think it's time for my CURATED TRAVEL to finally have its own space, a modern, visual destination on the web. For the time being, my Style*Mind*Chic blog archive will remain on this website. Both websites will link to each other for easy reference.

I'm excited that my family, friends, clients, and future clients, will now have a dedicated space to discover the latest in travel destinations, inspirations, trends, deals, and travel tips. I also include pages and links on the process of working together to create your unforgettable curated travels. I hope you enjoy this sneak peek.  I look forward to connecting with you on the beauty and romance of travel on my new website.

Please bookmark it and feel free to share!

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