Launching My CURATED TRAVEL Website

Launching My CURATED TRAVEL Website

There have been some exciting developments behind the scenes lately and I'm happy to announce that I have just launched my new CURATED TRAVEL website.  If you have followed Style*Mind*Chic Life blog you know that my Curated Travel/Travel Designer business has been based on the same website. I've had the blog for 6 years and added my Curated Travel business 1 1/2 years ago.  I think it's time for my CURATED TRAVEL to finally have its own space, a modern, visual destination on the web.

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5 Reasons to Book Your Next Vacation Through a Travel Consultant

Curated Travel 

A question I've heard often since launching Curated Travel as an independent travel consultant is, "How much does it cost?".  I understand that travelers are leery of spending extra cash on the travel planning process. The good news is that using a travel consultant or travel agency is generally a free service. Travel professionals are usuallly paid a commission by the brand - hotels, resorts, cruise lines, vacation package brands - so there is typically no additional cost to you. Using the services of a travel consultant is a becoming more popular again for some very specific reasons, especially in this day and age where we are used to push-button services.


5 Reasons to Book Your Next Vacation Through a Travel Consultant

1 - Travel consultants have access to special discounts and rates that you cannot obtain through typical travel websites.

2 - Travel consultants can often obtain upgrades, free meals, resort credits, amenities and special perks for having the brand connections that you don't have with generic online travel websites.

3 - Travel consultants have expertise in planning, making connections, and determining the preferred locations that can make a world of difference in your quality vacation.

4 - If an emergency arises during your travels, you have support stateside to assist you in solving the problem.

5 - Using a travel consultant is generally a low-cost or even complimentary service for which most brands pay the commission*.  You share your desired destinations, specific details, and the travel consultant does the rest. You can have as much, or as little, input as you want, yet the end result is a fabulous vacation designed for you.

*In some situations, when desiring a highly personalized itinerary of tours and bookings with small independent lodgings and vendors, a fee may be charged to create the personalized tour and bookings. Small brands and vendors don't pay commissions so the fee is for the time and expertise of the travel consultant. A travel consultant should discuss whether there are any fees for additional services upfront with you before the booking process is started.

As a well-seasoned traveler, I can attest that I've already seen these types of benefits in trips that I've booked for my travel clients and it is exciting. Whether you are looking to travel the alluring views of Italy, the romantic streets of Paris, a sun-splashed beach in the Caribbean or any dream destination, I've got some fantastic resources for your next getaway.

These are a few of our favorite getaways for some inspiration:

Now is the perfect time to book an unforgettable getaway.

If you are considering some upcoming travel I would love to help!



All Images: Heather Lindstrom

Curated Hotel: The Sonoma Mission Inn + the Surprising Power of a Surprise!

Curated Hotel: The Sonoma Mission Inn + the Surprising Power of a Surprise!

We seem to have a number of family birthdays mixed in among the holidays. Though Scott’s birthday was a couple of days after Thanksgiving he suggested we celebrate on the holiday since we had a family dinner planned. While that was a great idea, I wanted to surprise him with a little something extra this year. On Thanksgiving I had him open a box with his upcoming surprise that read, “Pack a Bag, Birthday Boy!”.

We had a day to clean up from Thanksgiving and pack for our weekend getaway so it was a leisurely schedule.  I was tempted to spill the beans on our destination, but I kept it a secret. Seeing his excitement for this adventure reminded me of the power of a surprise.

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Paradise Found at Zoetry Agua in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

The pool at Zoetry Agua Punta Cana

If you've been following Stylemindchic blog, and this journey to Punta Cana, you know that the early part of our trip was not an easy one. We had more than our share of delays due to the plane crash and lost luggage for days. We finally got our luggage and swimsuits when a tropical storm was forecast so the pool and beach were closed.  There were challenges all around......(and a few bright spots too-an unexpected night in Manhattan and Juan at the spa, Clare and Carlos at Secrets-thank you).

As of yesterday we have finally arrived at our true paradise. Zoetry Agua Punta Cana here is pure relaxation, tranquility and zen bliss. We finally feel rested for the first time and intend to make use of every moment of the rest of our vacation. I will post more on this incredible place and if you are seeking relaxation, peace, luxury, privacy, gorgeous beaches with a healthy vibe this could be your place too. So far our favoritedestination ever.

And now, back to my vacation

(although posting from our thatched roofed terrace overlooking the lazy river and ocean is my idea of the perfect spot!).

My view from the terrace