Date Night: 15th Wedding Anniversary and a Sparkling Surprise!

15th Wedding Anniversary

Our 15th wedding anniversary started as a typical day around the house. A quick kiss for luck and we were off to work. Scott and I had celebrated our 15th a bit early with a swanky summer vacation to Riviera Maya, so we wanted to keep the actual day of our anniversary, September 10th, more low key.

Gifts were readied and wrapped....

we enjoyed a private toast...

and we were off to one of our favorite restaurants in town, Red Tavern, for dinner on the patio.

It was a warm evening and we had the patio all to ourselves.

We dined on a delicious meal, a special celebratory dessert,

and it was time to open gifts.

I created a book of our wedding photos for Scott.

We've had a book of proofs for 15 years but never a true wedding album.

Our Wedding Day by Heather Lindstrom

Make Your Own Book

Scott bought me a sparkling anniversary band. I knew that he had a ring in mind for me and he asked me to help pick it out.

I didn't expect that he would get down on one knee--for the first time--and propose another 15 years and a lifetime of marriage.

Be still my heart...

Every time I see the sparkle of these diamonds I am reminded of our commitment and the hard work it took to make it these 15 years. Believe me, those first few years--as a new step-family--we were not so sure we would be celebrating 15 years of marriage down the road.

Our day may have started like a typical day but it ended with a sweet celebration,

new memories and a surprise proposal.

In the end, our 15th wedding anniversary was not a typical day at all...

As those of us who are married know for sure--it's not always easy.

It is worth the effort and definitely worthy of celebration.

I'd do it all over again....


Our thanks to Rich (owner) and Deanna at Red Tavern for making our anniversary evening even more special.