My Fantasy Dinner Party: Joining 'By Invitation Only'

My Fantasy Dinner Party

I've been asked to share my fantasy dinner party.

Who would I invite?

My fantasy dinner party will be held in Italy and definitely somewhere near the water. I'd have to choose between Positano and Lake Como--each classic Italian beauties--and on my itinerary for summer travel in 2016.

My guests will arrive by water taxi.

I've employed a handsome driver.

We will enjoy rooftop terrace cocktails and views before dinner.

The tables are graced with candlelight

voluptuous blooms

and glowing chandeliers.

The champagne is flowing...

and I will be wearing sparkles.

My guest list:

George Clooney

I graciously invited Amal, but unfortunately she had a previous commitment.

(Pity--but this is MY fantasy after-all!)

John F. Kennedy, Jr. + Carolyn too

Princess Diana

George, John, Di and I are all roughly the same age. I think it would be fun to get the 'birthday club' together to see how we are all feeling about hitting the big 55 this year.


Sophia Loren - Style icon of la dolce vita.


Diane Von Furstenberg- I love her verve and her stories.

She's a lady who dishes!

Photographer Slim Aarons to capture the magic of the party in images.

Sting- one of my favorites in concert.

He must bring his guitar but his shirt is optional.

Cutting edge chef Massimo Bottura and his wife, Lara Gilmore, owners of Bottura and Osteria Francescana in Modena, Italy for unique tastes for dinner.  I'm fascinated with his culinary talents on Chef's Table Netflix and this clip is a must see.

Of course Scott, my beloved, is my +1 for this fantasy dinner party.

And there will be dancing until the sun comes up...

George Clooney Lives Next Door?

I am so pleased to join "By Invitation Only" hosted by Marsha of Splendorosa and the other fabulous bloggers each month.

Who would YOU invite to your fantasy dinner party?

Cheers to a little fantasy ever now and then.