How to Create Resort Wear Out of a Bra & Belt (when your luggage is delayed)

Having no luggage for the first 4 days of our Caribbean vacation was a good reminder to always be prepared with well stocked carry on luggage. If you followed our trip to the Dominican Republic in July you will know that our journey took some unexpected turns.

Cancelled flights in San Francisco following a plane crash, and an unscheduled red eye to New York City, were just the beginning. The afternoon and evening of Day 2 were spent with a quick trip into Noho and a little slice of heaven at Piccola Cucina in a major heatwave.

Darn those men-they still look good after the red eye--day 2. #boyfriend #luckyduck

This was me-day 3 of our trip same clothes/no luggage, at the airport in Newark. With a hot shower, good night of sleep and my 'survivor' makeup essentials* I was feeling okay (a hat will hide a multitude of issues). #blessthehat

Another flight, tropical humidity through customs, a long drive with a cranky driver, finally arriving sopping wet at the resort and I made a decision.  It may have been more like a declaration...... I told my husband, Scott, "We are going in to the gift shop and not coming out until we are dressed in something else. Period."

There were itty bitty titty bikinis (no thanks!), a moo-moo that was road weary and one little flowy mini number that made my husband laugh. I felt a bit like a pinata.

That's where my fabulous DKNY bra comes in. In desperation (and a desire not to spend $200 on a moo-moo), I searched the rack of sarongs. Haven't I always praised the sarong as it 'rights' what is so wrong'?

How to create resort wear out of a bra and belt?

Thanks to my rather fashionable DKNY black bra (with gold detail), my black 'take me everywhere' belt, an extra necklace in my purse and gold sandals (Scott had put in his carry on last minute due to weight restrictions at the airport), I fashioned a new outfit that could take me to the beach and out to dinner at the resort.

Finally-something Fresh!!!


Next time my carry on bag will most definitely include:

  • Toothbrush/paste
  • Medications if needed #holyhotflash
  • Swimsuit (if beachy vacation)
  • A small size anti-frizz  hair serum or cream
  •  scarf/sarong
  • *The makeup essentials in my purse created my 'look' for 4 days.

Here's what I learned:

Lip color can add a touch of color and definition to cheeks and shimmer for the eyelids A touch up stick can hide a multitude of skin flaws and under eye 'baggage' Pressed powder smooths the look and adds some 'texture' to puffy hair.  An eye pencil adds definition to the eyes-even without mascara I was lucky to find a sample pack of Chanel Vitalumiere in my purse (I had meant to take it out but was so thankful it was there-and in nearly my shade!) Body Lotion can serve as day and night moisturizer and even lip balm at night Hotels generally stock toothbrushes and sample paste at front desk.

I'll admit, Day 3 I broke down and bought a bronzer at the pharmacy.

I was in the Caribbean after all.

Finally, our luggage arrived!!

Let's head to that gorgeous pool.....

And the only lounge chair at the pool had 'caution' tape since they were building a pathway.

It was non-stop adventure on this first leg of our journey.

We decided to head to the beach.......... #makeitwork!

Wishing you smooth travels and always having just the right bra-just in case.

xx, Heather