Boating to the Dreamy Isle of Capri

The Dreamy Isle of Capri

I have daydreamed of Capri. Cerulean blue waters, pastel buildings, brilliant hues of bougainvillea and windswept trees gracing the terraced landscape.  The lemon-scent mingling with fragrant notes of wild rose and sea air. I could feel the gentle waves of the bay lapping against the boat.  I am mesmerized.

You will be greeted with this picturesque scene at Marina Grande when you arrive by boat.

From here visit the beaches with flanked by colorful umbrellas, rent a boat to tour the island or stop in at one of the stylish cafes. When you are ready to see more of Capri, catch the funicular railway up the mountain to the soul of Capri and La Pizzetta.

Take in the breathtaking views, enjoy a Caprese salad at a trattoria with a view, shop the stylish boutiques and enjoy more of the European chic vibe of Capri. We took a bus up a very winding road to AnaCapri, high atop the island. In the warm July weather, we found there to be fewer tourists and more of a chill vibe in this area.

After lunch at a lovely café, we took a stroll through the statue-lined gardens at Villa San Michele. The views from here are breathtaking.

Capri Style

Capri Style

Be sure to make time to grab a glass of Sancerre at Piazza Umberto, and enjoy some of the most stylish people-watching in the world. Celebrities mingle with chic Europeans in this destination. Rumor has it the night life in Capri is legendary. Ultra-luxe yachts line the harbor, especially in summer, from which the celebrities are known to come out only at night for dining and to party the night away.

The ironwork and decorative details of AnaCapri captured my eye.

Fitting in with the Capri crowd with our black and white filter. If ONLY that could work in real life on some days, right? ;)  For our next visit to the Campania region of Italy we will plan to spend a few days on the magical Isle of Capri. Heavenly!

I'm continuing my crush on Italy.....

Where are you off to next?