Curated Travel: Packing Tips - Edited Accessories + New Favorites from grayc glass

Packing Tips: Edited Accessories

When it comes to accessories: Never underestimate the power of a sleek pair of sunglasses, a great scarf, signature jewelry and a fedora while traveling.

I've learned to minimize and refine my packing style through trial and error. I believe it was that three-week vacation to Italy and France in 2011, lugging an overweight suitcase on and off train platforms, up tiny staircases of hotels, and out of taxi cabs, that finally made me a believer in the less is more approach to packing and traveling. I was also grateful that neither Scott or I developed a hernia hoisting that bag up and down for three weeks.


Accessories have always been an issue for me, especially when traveling to an area with a chic sense of style, like Paris, the Riviera, the Amalfi Coast or a luxury resort in the Caribbean. Despite refining my clothing list, I had a hard time saying 'no' to many of my favorite accessories. This habit led to a hefty jewelry and accessories case to lug around with me, even during lengthy travels.

I'm a firm believer that switching out jewelry, scarves, and accessories can transform a basic black outfit, making them the perfect travel hack. That said, I was still hauling around more than I needed, due to sheer indecision, in the packing process. I also noticed that I often wore just a few statement pieces to keep it simple anyway.


For my trip to Italy and France last summer, I vowed to break my habit, and I seriously edited the jewelry and accessories that I packed.

*I carefully laid out a few must-haves, a gold bangle, Trina Turk bracelet, a statement ring from grayc glass, crystal studs, a sparkly necklace, gold framed earrings and a Marc Jacobs rose gold watch. I knew that these would be my go-to statement pieces for three weeks of travel so they had to be right.

*I reviewed my clothing pieces, arranged by outfits, to see that I had the right pieces to work with each ensemble.

Rather than 25-30 items, as usual, I had 7-8 thoughtfully chosen accessories which made the process of packing, traveling and dressing each day much more simplified.


I used the same system when packing accessories for Secrets Papagayo in Costa Rica last March.


I snapped this pic in Paris from my perch in the Parisian apartment we rented last summer. This is one of my favorite signature rings designed by fused glass artist Courtney Gray of grayc glass. I wrote about my visit to Courtney's studio a couple of years ago for the blog.  Courtney has a huge range of statement pieces available in her online boutique. She is also a founding member of my FEISTY group for Female Entrepreneurs. I often find myself reaching for a grayc glass statement ring to pack since I'm a fan of cocktail rings, the fused glass is beautifully unique and they remind me of home in Chico, no matter how far I travel.

A few of my latest favorites from grayc glass and her blog post featuring Curated Travel

Do you have statement pieces and packing trips for travel?