A Visit to Punta Sur: Colors of the Caribbean

Punta Sur

On our recent trip to Isla Mujeres the concierge on the yacht, Alexander, told us we must visit Punta Sur, "It's magical". We rented a golf cart on day two and made it a point to put this picturesque spot on our itinerary.

From high atop the rocky cliffs, on the southern point of the island, the sea views are spectacular.

One of our favorite elements of travel is discovering new, unexpected places that we revel in. Here is Scott, enjoying the natural beauty and the tropical breezes of Punta Sur.

Pathways wind through an outdoor art installation with metal sculptures.

The chameleon colors of the sea change each moment with layers of clouds and sun.

Possibly the best seat on the island. This café is perfectly placed for enjoying the views of Punta Sur.

Captured on Instagram.

The colors of the Mexican Caribbean.

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If you are fortunate enough to travel to Isla Mujeres you will definitely want to make the short trip to Punta Sur. Islanders rave about the sunrise views, though we couldn't drag ourselves out of bed that early on vacation. Midday is just fine as you can see! If you rent a golf cart consider renting for 24 hours so that you have the option of touring the island early morning or at night.