Date Night: Al Fresco Dinner At Home

Date Night: Al Fresco Dinner 

It's been a busy month around here and I'm in need of calming my spirit. I just discovered images of a date night at home from way back on Valentine's Day. Feels like I'm a bit behind the 8 ball but I'm going to share this anyway.

The landscape out back looks far different than it does today, but the images made me smile. I hope they do for you too. A beautiful sunset, some delicious food and a camera on a tri-pod can capture a mood.

This is a throwback post to February and a cozy evening spent hanging around the house.


It was an unusually warm Valentine's Day this year. Scott had the brilliant idea of ordering in from the Chico gold standard, Bacio Catering, so that we could thoroughly enjoy our evening. Turns out this was the perfect way to enjoy a stress free date night and an al fresco dinner at home.

The delicious menu (Thank you Amanda):

While Scott was putting the meal together, I had time to set the table, arrange the flowers,

and sip some champagne.

Now THIS is my idea of a fun night at home!

Watching the quality of light change -- from sunset, to sundown to twilight -- is one of our favorite elements of living here with this view.

The city lights come alive on a clear night like this one. I had no idea placing the camera on a tri-pod would capture the candlelight this way. A moody soundtrack, fresh flowers, candles and twinkling lights help set the mood for date night around our house.

So does his face... :)

Whether it's a simple meal you cook together, your favorite Thai take out boxes, or a special occasion meal like this one, a date night at home can be just as good (or better!) than going out on the town sometimes.

Do you have any favorite ideas for creating a memorable date night at home?