Date Night: Dinner High on the Mountainside in Positano

Our new Italian friend and driver, Davide, recommended a family run trattoria for dinner "high on the mountainside" above Positano.  He knew we would love it. We agreed and Davide made all the arrangements. A van filled with several other hungry diners picked us up in front of our hotel and traversed the terraced roadway up, up, up near the top of the mountain.


La Tagliata is a family run establishment started by Don Luigi a charming, generous, hospitable man who was passionate about the land, growing his own produce and creating local dishes. He loved to entertain and feed family and friends around his table.  Over time he developed a reputation for fine dishes and Trattoria La Tagliata was born.

According to the website early homemade specialties included:

"Tureens of pasta with beans and pork (cotiche), spaghetti with garlic and crushed chilli peppers, broccoli and homemade sausage, tripe and small delicacies".

We ambled along the stone walkways and we were warmly greeted by the family/staff who make you feel like you have arrived at home.


The views from La Tagliata are stunning. It's a bit misty, but that is a view of the sea and a boat in the distance.

The menu is prix fixe, and we did not ask the price.  After the meal, we feared we might be into it for $200, but it turned out to be an incredible value at 40 euros per person! House wines are of the "bottomless" glass variety and are included in the meal price.

Starting with the cheeses, bread, and antipasto platters; the courses just kept on coming with smooth and friendly precision by the staff.

Scott's notes from the evening include prosciutto, mozzarella, goat cheeses, antipasto, eggplant parmigiano, zucchini flower, charred spinach, broccoli, brown beans and garbanzo beans dishes. The pasta was Mama's secret large ravioli with basil. The meat plate included ribs, shish kabob, veal, chicken, sausages, lamb, rabbit, mixed salad and fried potatoes.

The homemade pasta dishes were simply amazing... Oh pasta, how I had missed you. I'm still not over my summer in Italy infatuation with you. #carbs

Scott is shaking his head at the amount of food being presented to us.

As you can imagine, by the time the dessert/fruit course (mixed fruits and 3 kinds of pastries)! and limoncello arrived, we were beyond stuffed.


Mama makes her entrance at La Tagliata

When Mama made her entrance, 7 courses in, she was met by a cheering crowd. She had been up cooking since 5 am, as usual. You may feel a bit tipsy from the amount of food and bottomless glasses of wine, but a driver awaits to carry you safely back down, down, down the mountainside to your sweet slumber.

If you find yourself in Positano I highly recommend La Tagliata as a must do dining experience. Tell them Davide and Heather sent you! ;)