The Fine Art of Romance (His+Her Perspective)

The Fine Art of Romance

Is there such a thing?  I imagine romance is a bit different for each of us.

What does it mean to you?

For me, romance is not the sweeping gesture, the dripping of diamonds or the elaborate gifts. For me, time spent enjoying my loved one [Scott] and creating memories is the fine art of romance. I also love a hand-written sentiment, as Scott and I shared in

For me, time spent enjoying my loved one [Scott] and creating memories is the fine art of romance. I also love a hand-written sentiment, as Scott and I shared in this post from several years ago.

If I have my choice, travel is my go to for celebration or creating some romance.

Unfortunately, not this year.

Scott and I had planned to be on our winter vacation for Valentine's Day this year. Perfect timing to be on a tropical getaway, or so we thought.

As with many things in life, when plans change, we come up with Plan B.


We are figuring out how to bring some romance home this year.

As Scott continues dealing with ongoing back pain, we are finding different ways to create some romance around the house. It might be a soak in the tub or our re-discovered outdoor spa. It may be a whirl around the globe over steaming mugs of coffee, plotting our next travel adventures. Or it may be soaking up the unusually warm weather we are having here in California this week by dining on the patio. It will be savoring the fragrance of the first of the season tuberoses Scott found at Trader Joe's (my favorites) and there will be some moments of gratitude. Not for what we don't have this year, but for what we do have. Romance is not just about a day. It's more about how we live our lives, don't you think? I've shared some thoughts on how to keep the spark alive and tips for getting the 'sexy back' in previous posts.

I asked Scott what romance means to him this year and he decided to write it down:

From Scott: I suppose there is not a clear distinction between romantic and loving, so I'll blend them.  The last four months have included my shoulder surgery, a wonderful, quick trip to San Francisco to celebrate Christmas with "the girls" (my three daughters), a rather severe back injury with another potential surgery (me, again), and the canceled tropical getaway. Through all of these ups and downs, mostly downs, Heather has really "been there".  She was tearful just before my shoulder surgery (worried wife). She took me for a walk in the park when I got cabin fever.  She was generous, loving with my family. She has clearly felt my pain with me, she has gotten up in the middle of the night when I was in angry agony over the back pain, and she has been patient when my pain and frustration resulted in less-than-appreciative behavior on my part. Together, we have continued to find reasons to laugh intensely, and she has remained kind, hopeful, adventurous, sexy and romantic. What is romantic to me?  A woman who shows me this love when I'm far from my best.  I hope my gratitude and plans for more future romantic getaways are enough for her to feel romanced this Valentine's Day. - Scott

Following a short escape to wine country early in the week,  we are happy to be home on Valentine's Day. Scott ordered up a gourmet carry-out dinner from Bacio Catering here in Chico. Since I have been handling the load of shopping and cooking for the last few months, this is the perfect way to celebrate Valentine's Day without the hassle. I love the thoughtfulness of his gift and I'm looking forward to a gourmet dinner at home that I don't have to cook. ;)

What is the fine art of romance to you?