A Sweet Bridal Brunch on the Canyon

A Sweet Bridal Brunch on the Canyon

Remembering this sweet bridal brunch on the canyon for the beautiful bride-to-be, also my honeymoon travel client, Jordyn. She and her family are longtime Chico residents and have become my dear friends in recent years. We had such fun celebrating Jordyn’s upcoming nuptials in this beautiful spot on the canyon.

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Date Night: A Double Date and Meeting in the Middle

When Scott and I started seeing each other, I lived in the San Francisco bay area and he lived in Chico, about 2 hours away. One Tuesday he called me and said, "I can't wait until the weekend to see you. Let's meet in the middle for dinner tonight". To be honest, there is a whole lot of nothing in between, but we did some research and luckily we discovered Louis Cairo's Steakhouse in Williams, just off Interstate 5. With cheery red checked tablecloths, delicious pastas and steaks, and the GLOW of a new love, it was a memorable evening to say the least. As we walked away from our table that night, the gentleman sitting across from us said, "If you don't want her, I'll take her". To that I say, "Thank you sir!"  We not only had a full blown love affair going on but also a new spot for dinner right in the middle. Flash forward 17 years and now we make the drive to Louis Cairo's a few times a year to meet up with friends who live in the bay area.

The hour long drive is definitely worth it and you never know what you might see along the way. There must a a story behind this Porsche emblazoned with "Polizei" --German for police.

Welcome to Williams, California.

It's conveniently located just off Interstate 5.

I believe it's mandatory for a country town to have a water tower.

Williams has a water tower.

The main drag....

Tonight it's a double date...

and no, I don't own cowboy boots.

Neither does Scott...

but we are always warmly welcomed at Louis Cairos.

It is always so good to see our friends,

Dean and Kathryn

Suspenders are always a good option in town.

After a few minutes to catch up, we are seated in the dining room at Louis Cairo's. I don't see the red and white checked table cloths anymore and they've definitely zhushed the place up a bit over the last decade or so.

Lucky us, our warm and lovely server, Rita, took wonderful care of us all evening. Rita introduced us to Shed Horn Cellars wine.The cabernet sauvignon was lush and complex. We were saddened to hear that the winemaker/owners, Michael and Adawn Wood, had just lost their home and winery in the Middletown fire. Michael reported to the SF Chronicle that he was helping save other homes without realizing his own home was burning. He said fortunately they have good insurance and will be able to rebuild. They had completed most of the harvest for the season so the wine-making will continue.

As for the fare at Louis Cairo's--fresh salads, Italian pastas and extraordinary steaks are on the extensive menu. The Louis Bread is powerful--loaded with garlic. Let's just say it's best for all (or none) to partake. We always dive in! Care for a mint?

Louis Cairo's

A hidden gem right in the middle.

See you again in a couple of months Louis Cairos!!

Have you discovered any hidden gems lately?