How to Make a Limoncello Spritzer - A Taste of Positano

Limoncello Spritzer

One of my favorite discoveries of the liquid kind, on our trip to Italy, was the Limoncello spritzer.  Scott and I typically store a bottle of the velvety-sweet lemon liquor, Limoncello, in the freezer for the occasional after dinner 'digestivo'. In Positano in July, we were introduced to a lighter, more fizzy version of this bold citrus taste. It also happens to be the easiest cocktail recipe I've ever made.

Lemons, steeped in history, are a staple of life in Amalfi Coast and are used to brighten the flavors of many flavor-filled dishes and luscious cocktails. You will see quaint storefronts selling all things lemon-flavored from soaps, fragrances, skin care, candles, remedies to sweets, liqueurs and just about anything you can dream up for a lemon.

This is my simple recipe for the limoncello spritzer, as shared by a handsome waiter, in Positano.

Limoncello Spritzer Recipe


Seltzer Water

Lemon Slices


Frosted Glasses

Place equal parts limoncello and seltzer water in a shaker (or pitcher). Add ice and shake/stir to blend the flavors. Pour into a frosted glass and garnish with a lemon slice. Enjoy this taste of Positano in a glass!

*Seltzer may be replaced with prosecco for an extra bit of sweetness and fizz.


Read this to learn more about the amazing lemons of the Amalfi Coast. Long live the lemon!!

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